Circus inspiration

Finally, the circus is in town again. So this morning I was all exited and went to see a show. The best part was definitely when awesome looking women in bright-coloured clothes danced around and made a huge pyramid. This may sound plain to others, but I live in a country where there are no chearleaders, so I don't see human pyramids every day. And I don't like acts with animals in it because I'm against animals in a circus.
But I think circuses always have something magical. A group of people travelling and performing together. The anticipation of the audience when it's almost starting. And their creativity. I mean, look at the sparkling clothes and the amazing performences. 
My little sister used to be so scared of the circus when she was younger, that during the first act she cried, then she fell asleep. She slept through all the noise and the entire orchestra that was playing, until the tigres and lions came in. She liked that part. And when the tigre and lion act was over, she fell asleep again. 

I also like it when fashion reminds me of the circus. That colourfull, playfull creativity of the circus is sometimes showed on the catwalk. 
Again I write about the Blonds, because in their show I could not only see China, but also the woman that rides and does tricks on a galopping horse in the circus. So shiny and sparkly, a little bit of Brazilian carnival. Then there's the amazing hairy skirt by Frankie Morello, a lovely pink hairdo at Paul Costelloe, and a superweird but totally awesome outfit that represents the crazyness of the circus by Jeremy Scott. Then there's a very extravagant dress by Yohji Yamamoto and a glamourous sparkling eskimo-look by Oscar de la Renta (all fall 2011).

I think each of these looks individually represent a part of the circus, and the open-minded crazy thinking. Which leads me to the next subject I want to tell about: an open-minded, little bit crazy thinking woman called Katie Sokoler. She owns the blog Color me Katie which is the best. About a week ago I spent an entire morning reading as many posts as I could, laughing out loud while I was all alone (little bit autistic right?). But I couldn't help it, the little clips about 'No pants subway ride' and 'the worst ice skater ever?' are just hilarious. Also her photo's are beautiful and funny and her street art really original. Check it out if you like!

Love, F


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